9 nov. 2009

Helen Park o Pork? 1000 Recetas por la Paz

Se parte del Proyecto 1000 recetas por la Paz


The smell of bacon cooking makes me smile; everybody loves bacon. What a way to start the day.

Imagine life without bacon, ham, ribs, whole roasted pig, Korean style pork belly, lechon, pozole, BBQ, pernil, sausages, pork katsu, and BLT.

I know it makes ME angry…and sad.
Something about pork deficiency in one’s diet even makes people angry enough to kill each other.

I think sometimes that if Muslims and Jews could just sit down together and enjoy a nice meal of pork, perhaps they would be happier and their wars would end.

It can’t be just coincidence that the countries at war are also countries that don’t eat pork


Todos los cocineros del mundo pueden ser parte de este proyecto Agents for peace

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